This page proposes a calendar of some of the more interesting gastronomic, gourmet foodie and wine tasting events in Switzerland. Please use our contact form to suggest an additional event that would delight food and wine lovers of Switzerland and that should be included on this page.

Gastronomic, Foodie & Wine Tasting Events and Fairs Switzerland

St. Moritz Gourmet Festival, St. Moritz, January 11-19 2019

The St. Moritz Gourmet Festival is a week-long foodie event that takes place every January in the the Upper Engadine area of the canton of Grison (Graubünden). At the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival, you will discover culinary delights and fine cuisine cooked by the executive chefs from the festival partner hotels and top-class chefs from Europe and Asia. Website for the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival:

Cheese Festival Basel, January 26 2019

At the Cheese Festival Basel, various cheese dairies offer their milk and cheese specialties. The unique ambience and the wide range of specialties make the cheese festival unique. The show dairy offers the opportunity to participate in the production of cheeses and watch the cheese over the shoulders. Cow milking is an entertaining experience for all ages. Also in the market hall fine cheese dishes are offered. Website for the Cheese Festival Basel:

EXPOVINA Spring, Zurich, March 28 – April 4 2019

The EXPOVINA Spring edition in Zurich provides. What makes a visit to EXPOVINA Zurich a solid event on the agenda of all wine lovers from the Zurich area? More than 80 producers and wine merchants offered more than 2000 wines for tasting and, of course, for sale, in the attractive setting of the Giessereihalle at PULS 5 in Zurich West. Website for the EXPOVINA wine fair:

San Pellegrino Sapori Ticino, April 8 – June 16 2019

San Pellegrino Sapori Ticino is a fine cuisine and gastronomic festival that offers a wide range of events for all tastes, mainly in Lugano but also with events in Zurich and Geneva. It welcomes venues designed by world-class architects that will host some festival dinners alongside several ‘special’ evenings where world-class chefs will prepare excellent food coupled with magnificent wines that will make for memorable foodie evenings. Website for San Pellegrino Sapori Ticino:

Schweizer Weintage, Basel, May 16-17 2019

During the Schweizer Weintage (Swiss Wine Days) in Basel , the best wines from all areas of Switzerland are presented and celebrated – from the Basler Pinot to the Ticino Merlot, from the Chasselas from the Vaud to the Spitzengewächs from the Bündner Herrschaft. All type of Swiss wines can be tasted during the Schweizer Weintage (Swiss Wine Days) in Basel , the best wines from all areas of Switzerland are presented and celebrated – from the Basler Pinot to the Ticino Merlot, from the Chasselas from the Vaud to the Spitzeng, natural wine or conventionally pressed, from an ambitious newcomer winery or a winegrower legend. Website for the Schweizer Weintage, Basel:

FOOD ZURICH, Zurich, May 16-26 2019

FOOD ZURICH is a foodie festival that is putting the rich culinary variety of Zurich front and center with a network of more than 100 events. For instance, the chefs from several five-star hotels and the FOOD ZURICH executive board are battling it out to see who makes the best sausage. FOOD ZURICH also hosts the famous ChefAlps International Cooking Summit. Website for FOOD ZURICH:

ChefAlps International Cooking Summit, Zurich, May 19-20 2019

The ChefAlps International Cooking Summit invites in Zurich renowned top master chefs that will be showcasing their cuisine skills live on stage. Between presentations, the 1,300 visitors will have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with exquisite products, as well as gain information on the latest culinary and gastronomic trends. Website for the ChefAlps International Cooking Summit:

Geneva Open Cellars (Caves Ouvertes Genève), May 25 2019

During the Geneva Open Cellars, close to 90 winegrowers from the canton of Geneva welcome you for a day of discovery of the wines of Geneva whose vineyards size makes it the third canton of wine in Switzerland. Website for the Geneva Open Cellars:

Veggie Week, Geneva & Switzerland, June 3-16 2019

The Veggie Week is a gastronomic event born in Geneva and now expanded in the whole Switzerland. It aims to put the spotlight on gastronomic vegetarian creations from the best Swiss chefs with the participation of many Michelin starred restaurants. It is aimed at vegetarians or vegans, as well as at carnivores and gastronomic flexitarians who wish to discover tasty dishes that honor, especially for this occasion, the stars of the vegetable garden. Website for the Veggie Week:

Veggie Week, Geneva & Switzerland

Vaud Open Cellars (Caves Ouvertes Vaud), June 8-9 2019

More than 300 wineries of the Canton Vaud open the doors to their cellars during the Pentecost weekend. From La Côte to Lavaux, you can enjoy two days of wine tasting in the cellars of the canton of Vaud with your wine tasting pass. Website for the Vaud Open Cellars:

Miam Festival Lausanne, June 8-9 2019

The Miam Festival is an event organized in the center of Lausanne. It is part of a series of events for foodies that take place in Lausanne from Spring to Autumn under the label “Lausanne à Table”. During the Miam Festival, many food trucks and other food artisans present their culinary offering at the center of Lausanne around the Place de la Riponne. There are also cooking masterclasses and special events for the kids. Website for the Miam Festival Lausanne:

Zürcher Weine Goin’ Downtown, June 24 2019

During the Zürcher Weine Goin’ Downtown event, around 40 Zurich winegrowers offer selected top wines in the cloister of the Fraumünster, directly on the Limmat in Zurich, where it is pleasantly cool even in midsummer. Discover the different flavours of Riesling-Silvaner, Pinot Noir, Räuschling, Sauvignon Blanc or Zweigelt. This summery, relaxed outdoor tasting will be rounded off with Zurich specialties. Website for the Zürcher Weine Goin’ Downtown event:

Taste of Zermatt, August 16 2019

Taste of Zermatt is an event where Zermatt top chefs with a total of 242 Gault&Millau points will come together for a Kitchen Party at Le Petit Cervin and Grand Hotel Zermatterhof. At 17 stations, you will be able to discover and taste seasonal and regional delicacies prepared by the Zermatt chefs and served to you with the very nice wines of Valais. Website for the Taste of Zermatt culinary event:

Vinea, Sierre, September 6-7 2019

The Vinea wine fair in Sierre is one of the largest wine fair of Switzerland that takes place in Valais, the most important wine producer area of Switzerland. Some 130 winegrowers will be present around the CFF train station of Sierre to make you discover their wines. Among the many free events planned for the Salon Vinea de Sierre, there is a tasting of Pinots, Merlots and Chasselas. In the company of oenologists, take a tour of the world of wines, all medalists in previous major wine competitions such as the Mondial des Pinots, the Mondial du Merlot and Assemblages, and the Mondial du Chasselas. Website for the Vinea wine fair:

Gourmesse, Zurich, September 12-15 2019

Gourmesse Zurich is a gourmet fair that take place every year in September in Zurich-Oerlikon. Foodies, top chefs, gourmets and connoisseurs from Switzerland come to be inspired by new products at the Gourmesse for 24 years, exchanging ideas with manufacturers and like-minded people, and enjoying culinary experiences at over 160 exhibitors, from chocolate to wines, and at the Gourmesse gourmet stage. Website for Gourmesse Zurich

Swiss Tasting Week – Semaine Suisse du Goût – Die Genusswoche – La Settimana del Gusto, September 12-22 2019

The Swiss Tasting Week (Semaine Suisse du Goût, Die Genusswoche, La Settimana del Gusto) is a week-long series of events that happen in all places of Switzerland around food, terroir, wines and cuisine. Website for the Swiss Tasting Week (Semaine Suisse du Goût, Die Genusswoche, La Settimana del Gusto):

The Swiss Coffee Connection, Lausanne, September 12-22 2019

The Swiss Coffee Connection of Lausanneis a coffee festival open to everyone that aims to bring together coffee lovers and coffee professionals: artisans, roasters, machine builders, baristas and artists-creators, where you will discover or re-discover the craftwork of these local independents. The Swiss Coffee Connection is the place to exchange, question, discover and experience new flavours. Come enjoy the wide range of special coffee, from the artisan to the cup. Website for the Swiss Coffee Connection:

Kulinata Bern, September 21 2019

During the Kulinata event in Bern, more than 40 organizations will take you on a journey of discovery, turning the day into a culinary highlight. Your day will end with a dinner for all senses or an aperitif where you will enjoy fresh foodsave snacks and live music. Website for Kulinata:

Basel Wine Fair (Basler Weinmesse), Basel, October 28 – November 3 2019

During the Basel Wine Fair (Basler Weinmesse), around 100 wine merchants and wine-growers will be bringing about 3500 wines from 23 nations for wine lovers to discover. Anyone who so desires can embark on a tasting journey in a sophisticated atmosphere, with wines guaranteed to suit every taste – from the exotic wines of Armenia, via Italy and Spain, right through to French and Swiss wines. Website for the Basel Wine Fair (Basler Weinmesse):

EXPOVINA Winter, Zurich,November 1-15 2018

The EXPOVINA Winter edition in Zurich provides the opportunity to taste more than 4000 wines on board the “Wyschiffs”. 120 winemakers and wine merchants await you on boats docked in the heart of Zurich. What makes a visit to EXPOVINA Zurich a solid event on the agenda of all wine lovers from the Zurich area? Certainly the variety of the offer as well as the opportunity to discover something new. To be advised by the competent staff at the 170 booths. In a friendly circle to taste, compare and enjoy. Website for the EXPOVINA wine fair: