Restaurant Les Ateliers, Vevey

Restaurant Les Ateliers, Vevey

Located in a renovated industrial building next to the Vevey train station, the restaurant Les Ateliers offers a savory mix of bistro and gastronomic cuisine.

The restaurant Les Ateliers in Vevey is a new semi-bistro and semi-gastronomic restaurant opened next to the Vevey train station by Michelin-starred chef Jean-Sébastien Ribette, previously at the Auberge de la Veveyse in St-Légier. In a post-industrial ambiance combining glass, wood and concrete, Les Ateliers de Vevey restaurant offers two types of cuisine: bistro and gastronomic, mixing some classic plates such as the entrecôte Parisienne with more contemporary dishes such as this duo of red carrots and quinoa with camelina oil.

Why do you want to go to the restaurant Les Ateliers in Vevey? This is just one of the best restaurants in Vevey that allows to enjoy the quality of a Michelin-starred chef applied to simpler, and affordable, plates. You will also enjoy the decor provided by the only renovated building remaining of what was before the famous Ateliers de Constructions Mécaniques de Vevey (ACMV), a large metal engineering industry factory in Vevey.

Address: Restaurant Les Ateliers, Rue des Deux-Gares 6A, 1800 Vevey
Phone number: 021 922 50 50
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday

Restaurant Les Ateliers, Vevey

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