The Best Restaurants of Switzerland website has the goal to provide Switzerland visitors, tourists and expat residents with a list on nice restaurants to visit. It will not however limit itself to the well-known gastronomic tables that are listed in guides like the Michelin or Gault Millau. Neither will it be limited to reproduce the (sometimes subject to discussion) list of the top 10 restaurants in Zurich, Geneva, Zermatt, Lucerne or Basel produced by websites like Tripadvisor. I will hand-pick and suggest you also some of the hidden gems that offer fine cuisine for a more moderate price or that will feed you with some of the typical plate of Swiss cuisine like fondue or roestis or a delicious local version of street food with a yummy burger that you will be able to pair with a local craft beer.

Who am I? I am a middle aged foreigner born in Switzerland with a keen interest in food, wines and all gastronomy related things that has been enjoying being a foodie hobbyist since many years mainly in Switzerland but also in its interesting neighbors that are France and Italy. I am the editor of a website in French, mainly focused on the French-speaking area of Switzerland, and believe that restaurants should be assessed in a simple way: go there as an anonymous customer and see how you are treated. I have observed with amusement sometimes critics boasting their affiliation in front of a chef and then being asked to be treated “as a normal customer”. I think this is crap!